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My Vegas Bookmarks

I’ve found so many great resources on the web when I’m researching my trip to Vegas so I thought I would share them with you so that you can find the best deals too.

Remember less money spent on hotels, flights, car rentals means more spending money for having fun and believe me you need a lot of spending money for a good time in Vegas.

For a 7 day trip I would want to bring at least $200-$300USD/day spending money and depending on how much you like to gamble you might need more.

Regardless of the amount of spending money you have, there are several ways to entertain yourself on the cheap too.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours trying researching Vegas and here are a few of the sites I will spend those hours on when I’m getting ready to book my trip:

#1 – Trip Advisor – www.tripadvisor.com

Trip Advisor is my favourite site to look at when I want to find out everything and anything about any hotel/resort in Vegas.  This site has thousands and thousands of user-submitted reviews as well as photographs so I can usually get a good idea about what my hotel room will look like before I get there or more importantly before I book the hotel.  I can honestly say I would never book a hotel room without checking out the Traveller photos on tri advisor first.  With that being said I must warn you that there is a little trick to actually find these traveller submitted photos when you are on the Trip Advisor site.

#2 VegasRex – www.vegasrex.com

VegasRex is a Las Vegas local who gives you an inside look at Vegas life.  Often opinionated and x-rated content, not for children or those with a weak stomach.

#3 CheapoVegas – www.cheapovegas.com

Reviews the best in cheap gambling and cheap entertainment in the Las Vegas area.