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Vegas 2009 Day Two – Gambling on Fremont, Outlet Malls, LA Comedy Club

17 May 2009 No Comment

Day Two:  Gambling on Fremont, Outlet Malls, LA Comedy Club.

9:00am: The day started out way too early and we were still running on Eastern time.  We get up around 9am and head out only to find everything is closed.    I guess 9am is the crack of dawn in Las Vegas because everyone is up all night partying.  So we head to McD’s for breakfast just south of Mandalay Bay and notice this is the first McD’s I’ve ever been to with flowers in it as if they were trying to be a fancy steakhouse or something.  What a joke, the fast food places in Las Vegas are like night and day from Canadian fast food.  I can’t believe how expensive the coffee is in the States, it’s more expensive than beer.   For some reason I can get 18 beer for $15 in Vegas but it’s $2 for a large coffee at McDs….it really makes my blood boil.  I’ll just start drinking Miller’s for breakfast I guess.

11:00am: Alright, time to head down to dirty old Fremont and start raking in the cash hand over fist.  At least that’s what our intentions were is to go win a couple hundred so we could get show tickets or a cool trip somewhere.  Head on up the highway to the Golden Nugget, Valet the car and get ready to throw down a few bucks on the baccarat table.  Used a baccarat money management system I have been reading about and it’s nothing to write home about but I was able to turn $100 into $180 in about 45 minutes of playing very selective baccarat.  I find the Baccarat at the Nugget fun and fair.  The shoe’s don’t go on crazy streaks and they always shuffle the cards by hand before each shoe so It feels more authentic to me.

12:00pm: Go cashout at the Nugget and head on out to Fremont St to see what’s going on.  I stand and watch as a street artist does a few paintings with spray paint and sells them to tourists.

Fremont St Spraypaint Artists

Fremont St Spraypaint Artists

After watching this guy for a while I hit the road and walk over to Binion’s to catch up to my friend who is kicking some butt at the roulette table with his free match play coupon you get when you take a picture with the Million Dollar display.

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