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Vegas 2009 Day Six – Relaxing, Gambling, Cheap Eats

1 July 2009 No Comment

Day Six (Monday) was a day set out for gambling, sightseeing and relaxing. By the end of the day it turned out to be a full day of gambling and some cheap eats around town. We woke up after an uncomfortable sleep in our medieval beds at Excalibur and headed down to the in house McDs for breakfast. Large Double Double and a Sausage McMuffin is a great way to recover from a long night of drinking in Vegas. I had to keep remembering when I order coffee in the morning that they don’t know what a double double is so you have to say large coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugar and then repeat yourself two or three times until they figure it out. Weird, I thought double double was a universal code for ordering coffee but it must be some weird Canadian thing.

After I score my McDs I go and sit in the Kripy Kreme area in Excalibur to score some free wi-fi internet service. I still don’t understand why every hotel in Vegas charges $14/day for internet. It seems like a matter of time before some outsider (Google) comes in and broadcasts free Wi-Fi throughout the entire city. Why not give out free Wi-Fi and have sponsored ads all over it. You already have taxi billboard advertising in Vegas so it seems like a natural progression.

After breakfast I head back up to the tower to get ready for the day. The plan was to go win some money playing Baccarat at South Point then head over to the Hard Rock for some NL Texas Hold Em. We ended up glued to the tables at South Point from about 3pm-midnight drinking Miller Chill’s and having a good old time. Ended up losing a bit of my bankroll at first then fighting my way back up to even for the session. We even took a break after losing a few hands to release our anger on the bowling pins at the Bowling Center on the second level of the hotel.

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