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Vegas 2009 Day Seven – Gambling on Fremont, Shopping

5 July 2009 No Comment

It was Day Seven and I still had a good portion of my gambling budget in tact.  I really wanted to hit up downtown and cash in at the tables. I thought it would be a good idea to go test my luck down on Fremont St playing Roulette, Baccarat and No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker. Spent about 2 hours digging myself into a hole and some bad beats at the tables put me into a terrible mood.

After losing $140 at Binions on Roulette I walk over to the Nugget and drop $160 on Baccarat in about 5 minutes. Starting to go on tilt at this point and decide that I’m gonna go play some Texas Hold Em where the outcome is more in my control.  I walk over to Fitz where my friend is still grinding it out on the roulette table and head up the escalator to the poker area upstairs. I buy in to the $1-2 NL Table for $75 and quickly piss away about $25-30 of it before I pick up AA. I put in a raise before the flop to $6 and get 4 callers. Flop comes Q, rag, rag so I get a $15 bet out there only to get re-raised all-in so I get all in with AA vs KQ and turn come K river rag. and this lucky old man busts me out of the game. I then get so pissed off that I head down to the cashier and convert the last of my Canadian money and head back upstairs to register in the Poker tournament about to start. Maybe I could redeem myself but after playing for about 45 mins I get knocked out of the tournament by the same old man who picks up AA against my JJ and ends up busting me out of the game once again. As I’m getting up to walk away he chimes in “Nice playing with ya…” At this point I’m about to explode. I’m down somewhere between $300-$400 so I decide to cut my losses since we are almost out of money we end up going to the local Walmart grocery store to get some beer and snacks to go back and chill at the hotel.

A little bit different than our first trip to Vegas when we had tons of money to blow, but you win some and you lose and it all boils down to luck sometimes but we at least played it smart and booked a round of golf for the final day.

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