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$20 Sandwich Trick – Gotta Try This **UPDATED**

12 May 2009 No Comment

Wanna to get a free room upgrade on your next trip to Vegas?  Check this story out:

OK, so I was browsing along the net a few days ago and came across the $20 Sandwich trick web page which pretty much tells you how to get a free room upgrade when you arrive at check in at select hotels in the Las Vegas area.

Basically you grease the front desk staff by placing a $20 between your ID and your CC when you hand it to the front desk clerk and they will do their best to see if there are any ‘complimentary upgrades’ available.

On the Front Desk Tip webpage there are some pretty good stories I would suggest you take a read for yourself and you might have found the best $20 you can spend on your next trip to Las Vegas.   I’m sure this trick has been around for a long time and I’m definitely going to see if it works on my next trip to Vegas in April 09.  Until then, just monitor people’s success rate on the Front Page Tip web page.


I just got home from my 7 nights in Vegas and during that time we stayed at 3 different hotels.  I only wanted to try to $20 trick at the Excalibur because I had purposely booked a crappy low-end room hoping that I could simply slip the desk clerk a $20 a get upgraded to the new flat screen rooms.

So there I was waiting in line, getting the $20 all nicely folded between my license and my CC.  I walk up to the desk clerk, a middle aged women named Remosa or something hand her the $20 sandwich and made small talk,  asking her in there were any upgrades available to the nice Flat screen rooms.  She takes my CC, starts typing away into the computer not even recognizing the $20 bill sitting in front of her.  She goes on to tell me the rooms are $30/night extra to upgrade and I ask if there is anything she can do for us and basically the best she could do was an old crappy room with a decent view.  We at least had a strip view in a medieval styled room.

So after she books us into the crap room, she then bills us a $5/day ‘resort’ fee and asks to take it from my $20 or the CC sitting in front of her.  I tell her to take it from the $20 and then I don’t bother tipping her at all because I don’t think she even understands the concept or she would have made a quick 3 hours salary in about 3 minutes by trying to help me out.

My standard room and failed attempt at $20 Sandiwch Trick

My standard room and failed attempt at $20 Sandiwch Trick @ Excalibur

Oh well, back to the drawing board.  I guess I’ll try this trick next time at a hotel where the desk clerks are used to being tipped.



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